«The disappearance of animals from urban and rural landscapes and their cramming into factory farms has the effect of destroying both the mental image of the animal and the real link between animal and
human beings. Placed on the margins of society, the slaughtered animal no longer exists as an individual.»

Sarah Aubiniere, Represent the slaughterhouse

Agrarian refers to cultivated land or the cultivation of land.In Middle ages and renaissance period, the production of food was a primary inspiration for decorations and interior design. The hunt, the fields, the fishes and the farmer were represented in various narrations often romanticizing the production. Since the 60’s globalisation, the narrative of land cultivation have left the domestic spaces to be only contained in advertisment. The decorative components of today’s interior furniture is mainly an abstraction depraved of stories. What would a collection narrating the food production in the modern landscape look like?

Poultry Delicacy is the first piece of this collection, it is a clothing rack in aluinium representing this mechanical cleaniness with a playfull and aggressive twist. The chicken--a hyperobject more than a sentient animal--is displayed like a hunt trophy.

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