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€70 per Lamp
€10 for Leg Additions

We are also interested in custom designs for larger quantity orders and/or organizations interested in collaborating.

The first electric streetlights in Paris were installed in 1878. They were known as arc lamps, or Yablochkov candles.

In 1875 Yablochkov left Russia and started his Paris business; by 1876 he was granted the French patent 112024 for his candles. The Yablochkov candles were first used commercially in 1877 in the Marengo hall of the department store Galeries du Louvre in Paris with an installation of 80 lamps. Their presence is mentioned by Émile Zola in his novel Au Bonheur des dames (Ladies paradise). In this occasion Paris was nicknamed city of lights.

Inspired by the historic street lamps of Paris, the Chimera Lamp brings the iconic typology into the 21st Century. Titled Chimera based on the hybrid nature of combining industrial processes and influSDences with a more organic and spontaneous visual vernacular. Working with the concept of mutations, adaptability, and evolution, the systematic construction approach facilitates the possibility of exploring variations in the aggregate componenets comprising the structure. We chose processes that allow for maximum adaptability to habour the potential for infinite future variations. It is an expansion on the simple idea of rigid arms with pinched fabric to evolve from two-dimensional gestures into three-dimensions.

Mutating from the public urban context of Paris into the homes of those who want to bring life to their interior landscapes.
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