Dogtooth™ exists at the intersection between the practices of Anton W.V. Ripon and Tony Tao Li. Projects intitated in the overlap between the two artists are organized under the collective.

United by a shared vision and passion for pushing the boundaries of design, Dogtooth exists at the unique intersection of our personal practices, blending the distinct sensitivities of our respective artistic and cultural backgrounds.

At its core, Dogtooth is driven by a multi-disciplinary agenda that embraces the fluidity of design across various platforms. Our mission is to curate experiences and products that resonate on a personal level, bridging the gap between everyday functionality and the avant-garde. With a keen eye for the dynamic and the daring, we specialize in event-based curation and the creation of lifestyle products that question the fabric of contemporary living.

For independent commissions please contact us directly.

[img] shot by Dana Elmi Sarabi for Kuetuer Magazine

Stratumsedijk 73
5611 NC, Eindhoven
Nord Brabant

AR: +33 6 34 22 76 21
TL: +31 6 86 05 47 93